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Dear Jubilee is a website dedicated to the care and training of all dogs, especially Airedale Terriers

Welcome to Dear Jubilee!  Anyone who has known and loved an Airedale knows that they live their lives like joyful celebrations, combining their joie de vivre with grace and dignity. Having owned Airedale Terriers since 1967, we believe that once you have had an Airedale you will always have one because they have, as Chip Brown writes in Connoisseur Magazine, January 1990, "style, brains and clownish wit...everything one looks for in a spouse."Joyce Miller and friend

For dog owners

Dear Jubilee is a website dedicated to helping dog owners train, nurture and nourish their dogs. The website contains information about nutrition, training, finding the right trainer and training methods for particular dogs, health and disease prevention, and articles on a variety of dog subjects.

 On Dear Jubilee, you can find:

  • Research on dog issues and topics and referrals to resources, information and referrals to experts to help you find the answers to your questions
  • Informative presentations for groups, schools, retirement homes and dog clubs 
  • Articles for newsletters for dog organizations
  • The Animal Connection: Workshops about the unique connection between people and their animals

Joyce Miller

Joyce Miller has been a teacher, writer and researcher for 40 years, honing her skills at Boston University, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Northern Telecom, EDS, and many other organizations and national companies. Finding answers, networking with the people who have the answers, and telling others about what she has learned are what she does best. Over the past 15 years, Joyce has focused these skills on the world of dogs. She has taken seminars to learn better techniques to train and care for dogs. She has developed an extensive database of information on the whole dog. She has built a nationwide network of canine professionals that include veterinarians, breeders, kennel owners, trainers, behaviorists, researchers, canine nutritionists, animal communicators, alternative therapists, animal homeopaths, writers, artists, musicians, and many more people who live and work with dogs. Joyce is also an AKC Canine Ambassador and an AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizen) evaluator. You can reach her by clicking here:  send e-mail to Joyce Miller

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